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Cheburechnitsa M


Cheburechnitsa is made of stainless steel. The fryer bath is a stainless welded tank with a drain valve. On the right of the bath is a pallet for laying out finished products. The pallet has special holes, due to which the excess frying from the product flows back to the fryer bath. The control unit includes an electrothermal regulator and a tubular electric heater (TEN) made of food grade stainless steel. The thermostat is able to maintain the temperature of the deep-frying in the range from +50 to + 190 ° C. The volume of the bath is 25 liters, the volume of the deep-frying pan is max. 14 liters. Includes culinary tweezers

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 930х505х270
Weight, kg 11,0
Volume of bath, L 25
Volume of deep-frying, L 13
Voltage, V 220
Power, kWt 7,8

Атеси Intercold linnafrost