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Gas tilting bratt pan GSK-80-0,27-40 is used for frying products sauteeing vegetables, braising and poaching fish, meat and vegetables.

Key information:

Full power capacity, kWt 14
Number of burners 1
Time of heating the pan up to 230° C, min 14
Temperature regulation range, °C 100-340
Nominal capacity of the pan, dm3 40
Pan bottom surface, m2 0,27
Internal dimensions of the pan, mm 577х470х197
Overall dimensions, mm 800х898х950
Weight, kg 90

The pan has a smooth regulation of the temperature of the frying surface within 100-340 °C. The pan has a flame ignition system and a “gas-control” device. Powerful burner heats the surface of the pan uniformly. The bottom of the pan is 10 mm thick which allows keeping heat during the cooking process. The pan is equipped with a mechanism of lifting and lowering which makes the bleeding and service of the pan convenient. The lid prevents heating loss and can be fixed in any position. Height adjustable legs.

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