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Volume, L

Presence of a mixer

KPEM-250-OM2 electric tilting boiling pan with a mixer is designated for cooking such products as broths, soups, sauces, mousses, porridges, light dough, whipped toppings, etc. and for boiling water at medium-sized and large public catering or food industry enterprises

The volume of KPEM-250-OM2 boiling pan is 250 liters. The boiling pan is equipped with a reversible bottom mixer. The rotation speed of the mixer is regulated. Products can be prepared as with mixing so without it. The device features an electronic control board and a USB-port. The possibility of recording up to 50 programs (5 steps in each program) is ensured. Temperature regulation range of the "steam water jacket" is from +3 to +120 °C. Temperature of the product is regulated from +3 to +115 °C. In case if there is no water in the «steam water jacket» the heating stops automatically. The prepared product can be cooled from +115 to +3 °C, as well, by filling the «steam water jacket» with cold water. The boiling pan is equipped with a hand shower. The drain of the product cooked is done by electric drive tilt of the boiling pan reservoir. The facing of the boiling pan is made from stainless steel AISI 304, the bowl - from stainless steel AISI 316L. The boiling pan support is to be mounted to the floor surface either by encasing in concrete or with the help of anchor bolts.


Key information:

Nominal power consumption, kWt (27,1) 28,7
Nominal voltage, V 400
Number of tubular heating elements 9
Nominal volume capacity, liter 250
Tilting electric
Mixer +
Time of heating up to 95 °C, min, at most 80
Temperature regulation range of the "steam water jacket", °C 3-120
Diameter of the boiling pan, mm 792
Overall dimensions, mm 1510х1057х1330
Weight, kg 345

USB-port, possibility of recording up to 50 programs (5 steps in each program), reversible bottom mixer, heating from 3 to 115 С, chilling from 115 to 3 С, hand shower, mixing speed 0-140 rpm (10 steps), seamless bowl

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