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Volume, L

Presence of a mixer

Electric indirect boiling pan KPEM-400T is designated for preparation of broth, third courses and for boiling of water.

The volume of the pan is 400 liters. The cooking temperature is up to +100° C. The heating power is regulated by 3 position rotary switch. The drain of readymade product is done through the tap of a big diameter located at the front panel. The lid can be fixed in any position. The water is heated by a "steam water jacket". In case there is no water in a "steam water jacket" the heating will stop automatically. The front panel has a separate low section for convenient access to the control unit and tubular heating elements. The facing is made of stainless steel AISI 304, the bowl is made of stainless steel AISI 321 grade. Installation with the help of anchor bolts.

Key information:

Nominal power consumption, kWt 36,2
Nominal voltage, V 400
Number of tubular heating elements 12
Nominal volume capacity, liter 400
Time of heating up to 95 °C, min, at most 80
Overall dimensions, mm 1160х1160х1446
Weight, kg 200

Атеси Intercold linnafrost