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Number of levels

Voltage, V


PKA-10-1/1PM-01 combi-steamer combines reliability and high productivity of the previous models with a number of new technological approaches, which provide still more convenient and easier usage. The combi-steamer of a boiler type is designated for preparation of various dishes with the help of steam and hot air separately or combined.The steam is generated by a built-in steam generator. Its capacity is of up to 10 GN 1/1. During simultaneous preparation of various dishes, each of them gets its own delicious taste; appetizing and fresh, the food preserves the majority of vitamins and mineral substances.

Key information:

Nominal power consumption., kWt 12,5
Nominal voltage, V 400
Max. temperature within the chamber, °C 270
Tray size 1/1
Number of trays 10
Interlevel distance, mm 70
Number of aerial tubular heating elements 3
Overall dimensions, mm 840х800х1055
Weight, kg 150

control panel in English, timer up to 10 hours, tree-point core probe, humidity regulation (from 0 to 100%), maintaining the temperature within a chamber  +/- 1°C, 5-speed fan, steam discharge cooling, hand shower, ventilated door with a two-stage opening mechanism, “hands free” door lock, semi-automatic washing process

Атеси Intercold linnafrost