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Baking cabinet

Number of levels

Electric bakery oven, 4 sections is designated for baking confectionary and bakery products.

Key information:

Nominal power consumption, kWt 20.8
Nominal voltage, V 400/230
Number of sections 4
Bottom surface of the section, m2 2.925
Temp. regulation range, °C 20-270
Time of heating the oven up to 240° C, min. 40
Internal dimensions of the section, mm 1000x800x180
Capacity of the section 24 loaf moulds №7
Overall dimensions, mm 1300x980x1670
Weight, kg 510

Each section contains 24 loaf moulds №7. It has a separate power regulation of the upper and lower tubular heating units. Operative temperature regulation range is 20°-270°C. Thermostat up to 300°C. The bakery oven has a painted support unit, lateral and back facing. The device has height adjustable legs.

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