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Front-loading dishwasher MPK-500F is designated for washing plates, glasses, cups and cutlery at small public catering enterprises. Due to moderate overall dimensions the dishwasher can be easily installed in any cafe, restaurant or bar.

Key information:

Key information:
Nominal power consumption, kWt 6,6
Nominal voltage, V 400
Washing temp.,°C 45
Rinsing temp., °C 85
Temperature of water sypply, °С, at least 5
Number of washing modes 2
Washing capacity, plates/hour 500*
Washing agent supply manual
Rinsing agent supply automatic
Overall dimensions, mm 590x640(1030)x865
Weight, kg 56

Dishwashing capacity – 500 plates per hour. The device has two washing modes – “60” and “120”. The washing mode “60” implies: washing – 48 sec., dripping – 15 sec. and rinsing – 15 sec. The washing mode “120” implies – 115 sec. washing, dripping – 15 sec. and rinsing – 15 sec.
Operation control of a dishwasher is carried out by a user-friendly pushbutton electronic control panel; the buttons are made of stainless steel.
The machine operation is provided with supply of cold or hot water. The washer has separate modes and circulation systems for washing and rinsing. The filling of the washer bath and maintaining of its water level is provided automatically. Rounded-off corners of the bath make sanitary cleaning convenient. Another feature of the device is the automatic cycle of washing and rinsing. The machine has a constant temperature and water level monitoring function inside the boiler. All the nozzles and sprayers are made of stainless steel. The nozzles can be cleaned easily and quickly. All the metallic components of the machine are done of stainless steel AISI 304. The delivery set includes:
Basket for washing plates
Basket for washing glasses and cups
Glass for washing cutlery
Doser for rinsing agent

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