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Number of burners

Presence of an oven

Electric range EPK-67P, 6 hot plates, without an oven, is designated for preparation of first, second, third courses using surface cooking utensils.

The cast-iron hot plates are equipped with three tubular heating elements, what provides quick and uniform heating and also ensures long lifespan of the hot plates. 7 position rotary switches allow smooth regulation of the hot plate’s power. The heating surface of the hot plate is 0,54 sq. m. The hot plates and two desktops provide a flat range surface, making usage of cooking utensils convenient and easy. Below there is a support unit with a shelf manufactured of painted metal. The range has height adjustable legs.

Key information:

Nominal power consumption, kWt 16,8
Nominal voltage, V 400
Number of hot plates 6
Hot plate size, mm 300х300
Consumed power of the hot plate, kWt 2,8
Frying surface, m2 0,54
Max. temp. of the hot plates, °C 480
Time of heating a hot plate up to max. temp., min. 25
Overall dimensions, mm 1111х750х(860)940
Weight, kg 103


Атеси Intercold linnafrost