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MM111 R



Operating temperature

Voltage, V / ph / Hz

The monoblocks are refrigerated medium temperature machines (type MM) and medium temperature machines (type MB) are produced under GOST23833-95 «Refrigirated commercial equipment» and are designed for an operation at an environmental temperature from +5°С to +40°С and relative degree of humanity no more than 80%.

Monoblocks of RF series (backpack implementation) are refrigerated machines,  medium temperature as well as low temperature, as opposed to Standard and Professionale series have a micro channel aluminum condensator.

With analogue refrigerating capacity these monoblocks have the following advantages: 

  • decrease in dimensions of heat exchanger block due to bigger exchange surface, 
  • decrease in weight, 
  • decrease in cooling agent consumption for 25-30% in average, 
  • increase in corrosion resistance due to a lack of galvanized corrosion which is typical for a junction of two different metals in a traditional structure of heat exchanger blocks, 
  • decrease in power consumption, 
  • lower price. 

The monoblocks are filled with a cooling agent, пtested at a factory and are absolutely ready for a use.

External dimensions, mm 840*420*600
Refrigerant R404A
Defrost type electric
Temperature range, °C -5…+5
Voltage, V / ph / Hz 1/N/PE 230/1/50
Rated current, A 3.8
Max. power consumption, kW 0,76
Dose of filling R404, kg 0,56
Condenser Type microchannel aluminum
Number of fans 1
Fan power, W /; rev / min 18/1300
Impeller diameter, mm 254
Capacity, m3/hour 600
Air-Cooling Type cooper-aluminum
Fin spacing, mm 3.6
Surface area, m2 4,63
Number of fans 1
Fan power, W /; rev / min 10/1300
Impeller diameter, mm 230
Capacity, m3/hour 600
Camera lighting LED
Сooling capacity at a temperature +32 °C 1070
Logistic information
Netto, kg 40
Brutto, kg 69
Package dimensions, mm 920x500x816

Атеси Intercold linnafrost